Online Nodularity Inspection System Before Knock-Out

Fastest GRAPHITE ANALYSIS of treated metal in ductile iron.

Take the coupon from every 2nd or 3rd mold while pouring & Flag the Mould

with GREEN Flag.

5 Minutes before knock out do the analysis with OIS V8. If fading is there

mark that box with RED Flag.

OIS V8 will help you to avoid mixing of good castings & rejected castings at

the time of Knockout.

One system can be used for two molding lines.

OIS V8 will keep records along with Heat No. / Molding Line / Laddle &

Box No. (Additional display can be fixed on the shop floor.)

All the communication is been recorded for quality purpose.

OIS V8 Fully Automatic Image Analysis Software

Operational Features:

Rapid processing of multiple images of the same sample.

Suggestions given by the chemist are displayed directly on the shop floor.

.csv File will be generated which will be saved in your hard drive.

Metallurgical Features: Nodule Analysis. (As per ASTM A247 – 16a).

Average Nodularity of the whole structure.

Determination of Nodule count.

Determination of ASTM size distribution of Nodule 1 to 8.

Determination of Type I, II & Remaining  

Communication Between Chemist & Production people is possible

(Additional display can be fixed on the shop floor.)