Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope MSM 655


MSM 655 characterized by unique optical design, large depth and width of

visual fields, long working distance


Non-flash in focus course while from high to low magnification

Large depth of view, width of visual fields, super long working distance, high

cost effective


Magnification: Total magnification (standard outfits): 6X~55X

Eyepiece: SWH10X high eye point & extra wide-field eyepiece FOV Φ23mm

Eye Tubes: Inclined 45°

WD: 110mm

Interpupillary Distance: Adjustment range (SWH10X) 52mm~76mm

Diopter Adjustment Range: ±6 Diopter

Focus Adjustment Range: 50mm(Using square post is 100mm)

Support & Main Body: matched dimension Φ76mm

Post Center to Support Center Dimension: 140mm

Round Post Diameter: Φ25mm

Center Stage Diameter: Φ95mm

Image Aquisition Device : MVC 40 / BSL 90 / BSL 90m

Made in Germany

Sensor Size: 1/1.2” CMOS

Sensor Size: 11.3 mm x 7.1 mm

Resolution (H x V): 1920 px x 1200 px

Mono/Color: Colour

Interface: USB 3.0 

Pixel Bit Depth: 10 or 12 bits

Lens Mount: C Mount