Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Models :

MV 310 / MV 625H / MV 715H / MV 925H

Magnification :
25x to 1000x Standard magnification for visual observation.


2.5x Infinity LMPLAN Objective5x Infinity LMPLAN Objective.
10x Infinity LMPLAN Objective.
20x Infinity LMPLAN Objective.
50x Infinity LMPLAN Objective.
80x Infinity LMPLAN Objective.
100x LPLAN Objective Dry

Eyepieces: Wide Field eyepieces WF 10x/22mm with high eye point up to 21mm.  WF 10x/20mm Reticule Eye piece with high eye point up to 21mm.  

Image Aquisition Device : MVC 40 / BSL 90 / BSL 90m

Made in Germany

Sensor Size: 1/1.2” CMOS

Sensor Size: 11.3 mm x 7.1 mm

Resolution (H x V): 1920 px x 1200 px

Mono/Color: Colour

Interface: USB 3.0 

Pixel Bit Depth: 10 or 12 bits

Lens Mount: C Mount

Calibration Scale

1/100 For calibrating the whole system


Image Analysis Software : Pro Metal™ V3 / V8 / V9

Cast Iron / Ductile Iron / ADI / CGI / SiMo

ASTM A 247 (16a) / ASTM E 562 11 / DIN EN ISO 945


Volume Fraction

Determination of Pearlite / Ferrite / Carbide + Stedite.

Graphite Analysis

Determination of ASTM size distribution of Flakes 1 to 8.

Determination of Type distribution A, B, C, D, E. (Approx.)

Determination of ASTM size distribution of Nodule 1 to 8.

Determination of Nodule count / Nodularity / Type I / Type II / Type III

Database Management:

A unique facility to create and maintain your customer’s database related to

their Components, Part Numbers, Chemical composition & Mechanical


Automatic Report generation with direct links to Database. 


(Which makes system most reliable.)                   

Image Analysis Software : Pro Metal™ V3HT / V8 HT

Heat Treated Metal / Forging / Steel

Volume Fraction

Determination of Martensite / Pearlite / Ferrite / Carbide / Retained Austenite

Linear Measurement

De Carburising Depth / Nitriding Layer / Grain Boundary Oxidation 

Grain Size Measurement