Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Model: MV 625H I MV 715H I MV 725H I MV 925H                     
50x to 800x Standard magnification for visual observation.
Objectives: Plan flat field Metallurgical corrected & anti-mould fungus. 
5x Infinity LWD Plan Objective.
10x Infinity LWD Plan Objective.
20x Infinity LWD Plan Objective.
50x Infinity LWD Plan Objective.
80x Infinity LWD Plan Objective.
100x Plan Objective Dry. 

Objective secured in Quintuple Five-position universal type nosepiece. 
Objective moves in Z-axis for focusing and Not the stage. 
Eyepieces: Wide Field eyepieces WF 10x/22mm with high eye point up to 21mm.  WF 10x/20mm Reticule Eyepiece with high eye point up to 21mm.  
Illuminator:  Reflected light illuminator through built in base transformer, complete with field & aperture diaphragms, filter slot & bulb-centering mechanism.  
Binocular Head: Siedentopf designed with interpupillary & dioptric adjustments. 
Polarizing Filters: Built-in rotatable analyzer & Lamp polarizer to work in polarized light. 
Mechanical Stage: Mechanical X-Y Stage 220mm x 180mm. Movement range 80mm x 50mm with low positioned co-axial X-Y control knob.